When the top shelf is the most important place.

The sales team were just not able to close a deal worth £140,000.

They’d tried all sorts of different approaches but had failed to win the buyer over to making a decision to go ahead, so they called me in to work with the team.

I sat with them and started to go through their sales process and realised they’d missed out on one very important aspect.

The ability to create almost instant rapport.

By doing rapid hypnosis they would be able to get into their buyers’ mind.

So, this is what I suggested.

When they met with the buyer, they were to match and mirror their handshake.

The teams task for the time leading up to their meeting was to practice calibrating themselves every time they shook hands with everyone they met.

The result?

They got the deal.

What they said though made me smile.

‘the buyer seemed so much different after we shook his hand’.

The difference was more friendly, open and happy to sign the deal!


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