Start your 2018 resolutions today

Start your 2018 resolutions today

Outrageously I commence my healthy start to 2018 today! Yes, today… not next year.

You see it’s an illusion for most people when they proclaim their ‘new them’ is going to start in the New Year!

I say most, because a very small minority of people do stick with goals until they achieve them.

Most people though either don’t start or the do start but become side railed with some excuse or another.

For example they’ll organise an event where there is plenty of food. Or they’ll go out partying after sharing pictures of their ‘new fangled diet!’

Utter tosh!

Yes, tosh. If you want to make a change start now. Avoid putting time frames on it. Just do it. Quite simple when you consider it.



And that’s where effort comes in.

Yep, you knew I was getting there. In fact when you decide to change you are also deciding on creating a new habit.

Habits take time to form.

There are no magical techniques apart from visualising what you want to achieve on a regular basis.

So, who else is starting now?

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