"Gary Outrageous? Is that your real name?"

 gary outrageous professional speaker in motivation, sales and leadershipYes, I do get asked that question on a regular basis and my answer is always the same.

“Yes, it’s my real name for today”

In fact, the creation of my name stems back to a car ride with a very good friend of mine, John Sealey. We were listening to an audio programme created by Joe Vitale aimed at helping fledging businesses like ours increase their sales and profit.

Joe came out with a phrase that burned itself into my mind like a nuclear-powered laser beam. He said that all your marketing efforts must be both courageous and outrageous.

In that moment I turned to John and said I’d be known as the Outrageous Marketing Director. He smiled back and said, “I’ll be the courageous one then!”

And that’s how it started; with a title.

Not long after that momentous moment we were speaking at a conference in Portugal. We had so many people come up to us at the end asking for our card and contact details. It was in that moment that someone said “Gary Outrageous … I loved your presentation”.

I was billed as Gary Foster the Outrageous Marketing Director from the Winners Edge Ltd.,

A few laughs were shared and then thought struck me!

Of course, I’ll call myself Gary Outrageous; who else would have the bottle to do that other than me? It has carried on being ‘my name’ and boy what a difference it has made to my business and more importantly… being memorable.

You see, I use this point in my presentations and coaching sessions to companies that want to see an increase in their sales, profit and profile.

Just to add, I don’t have much of a sob story to tell or a rag to riches tale … although,  I have broken 2 World Records in Judo (for the most Judo throws) – well, you have to have at least one World record as a speaker 🙂

Outrageously I have shared my philosophies with people from all walks of life from professional sports men and women, to boards of directors along with sales teams, hairdressers (I love hairdressers – they understand outrageous!!) lawyers (yes, they booked a speaker called Gary Outrageous), HR professionals, Doctors and Nurses and schools – youngsters just know how to be outrageous.

Now it’s your turn

To book me to present to or coach your team at your next meeting, conference, break-out session is outrageously easy. Send an email now to:

Bookings@GaryOutrageous.com or

Phone/text 07500 907478 International callers: +447500 907478

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