Whenever the word ‘hypnosis’ is mentioned most people think about stage hypnosis and how the audience members participating are made to do daft and silly things for the entertainment of the audience!

They think people are put to sleep and their minds have been taken over by some dark, underground power.

Yet interestingly, these same people who are skeptical will have no worries in driving their cars at 70 mph (and sometimes more) whilst listening to their favourite music and answer hands free telephone calls to eventually arrive at their destination wondering ‘how did I get here?’.

Yes, they’ve been in charge of a moving vehicle and will often explain how they can’t remember most of their journey, ‘I must have been on auto-pilot’ as their excuse.

I’m here to say they weren’t.

And they were aware of ALL of their journey, most of it at a sub-conscious level.

In fact, they were in ‘trance’ or what I might call hypnosis for most of the time.

You see, hypnosis is nothing more than ‘an altered state of awareness’. Sales Hypnosis uses the same altered states to help you improve your sales, profit and profile.

I’ve created my own approach, after working with 10,000’s of clients over the past 29 years, which combines the most ancient mind power approaches to the current and latest cutting-edge techniques that just work.

A few simple words and tonalities used at the right time can make a massive difference.

It’s based on the same psychology as that used by advertisers who spend £Millions ($Millions) each year because it works!

You can incorporate sales hypnosis into your face to face selling opportunities as well as the written world of emails, posts, blogs, websites AND anywhere else where you’ll be presenting yourself, your products and your services.

But there’s more!

You can also use the power of hypnosis to inoculate yourself against the demons of rejection and the fears associated with prospecting, especially cold calling.

The beautiful thing about sales hypnosis is this … it’s 100% natural and everyone can learn to apply it in their business.

Success Is an Inside Job

No More Excuses

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